Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Brighten Up

Hello sunshine!!! Hasn't the weather been amazing the last few days....Even in Melbourne! Love how a clear blue sky and a beaming sun can completely uplift your mood and wardrobe. Even if my  woolly mammoth leg hair and albino skin were still in winter mode, I decided not to enter into the new weather and season quietly. Neons, electrics and even fluros are on my agenda. Bright colour blocking and popping is the goal. Its been blinding us in the latest mags, what more shouts summer than colour. So this is my go at it. The top is by the classic Bonds and came in at $15 and the skirt is a Dotti number for a small $19. Both items were on sale I must add.  Let your eyes do the searching, look for lime punches, electric magentas and vibrant aquas. Don't be afraid of colour, let it brighten up your life :)

Photographer: Erin Reinboth

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