Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Gold zipper blazer $55
Portmans lime blouse $49
Neon tweed skirt $20
Rubi heels $20
Neon green necklace $20

Photography: Josie Withers

So if I was asked how I started my week, I definitely didn't think I'd be saying, standing in the freezing cold, in a mini skirt, in Southbank, dangerously close to my ex's place...but here I am! Haha and I think it was worth the risk and it may have paid off to do something different. I am stoked with these pics! Big love and thanks to my amazing photographer Josie for joining me in the battle against Mondayitis. It's all about the neons with this outfit, loooove this neon woven skirt which was a steal from my trusty sale shop on Bridge Rd named FE194. Always find a gem in there. Jacket was a win too, very handy with a work and play feel to it. So even though I was ready to hit the town in my party get-up on a Monday night, at least come Friday I won't be sitting on the end of my bed crying "I have nothing to wear!"


  1. Love the jacket, where is it from?

  2. Hi there! Thanks! I found this one at shop on Bridge rd in Victoria it was the last one but you can get in online here!