Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Sportsgirl bodice $19
Cotton on skirt $30
FE194 floral skirt $20
Aldo sandals $60
Sportsgirl accessories $20
Rubi frilly socks $2

Photography: Josie Withers

Im sure everyone is loving the weather at the moment! I know all the couples in this park I was shooting at were....Yes had a bit of a fml moment when I walked passed them snuggling on their picnic rugs in the sun! But I guess this is my way of embracing the sunshine, legs out and splashes of colour! We all know florals are big this season, loving the mashing of two floral prints in an outfit too, ive yet to really try this look, unless the pic with my phone counts. But florals are such a easy way to transcend into the new season. Get involved I say. Lets hope the sun keeps shining...and the couples go get a room :)

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