Monday, 12 November 2012


Hat $27
Dress $55
Clutch $39
Shoes $20

Photography: Josie Withers

Best Derby Day races to date! Perfect weather and I had the perfect crew. Fashion wise, I was pretty amazed by the outfits I saw on the day, such creativity when there was just a colour palette of black and white available....Apart from the show off who chose to wear bright colours ;) There was a bit of a peplum white dress overload on the day, which didn't build my confidence about my outfit specialness....But hey I bet none of the others found their dress for 50 bucks! The big hat was my point of difference too - it did get a bit awkward when doing the whole hello hug-kiss to peeps and I may have knocked out a few people on the d-floor later, but the hat did gave the outfit a classiness which can be needed when wearing bodycon. Was a day of a day of champagne, silly photos and bad bets. A shout out to my fabulous friends who made the day so much fun....Cant believe its another spring races season over! Lucky the silly season is just around the corner!

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  1. wow! that's a perfect outfit! you looked wonderful!
    -Olivia. xx