Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Rubi hat $2
Zara bomber jacket $69
PU shorts $29
Rubi shoes $49
Vintage Prada bag

Photographry: Josie Withers

So a little bit obsessed with Zara at the mo...It has just opened literally around the corner from our centre management office at work so I have to walk passed it every day. It's especially hard of the 'Z days', for all off you non die hard Zara fans, Z days are the days new stock drops into store. Which is twice a week, so not so good for the funds department! Anyway, thought this jacket was a bit of fun, light weight throw over for summer and awesome electric print. Feeling a bit ballsy with the leather cap teamed back with it. I'm still getting use to the cap look I must admit. But one of things I love about styling these days is taking risks and not being as safe. So much more rewarding when you get it right....So what do you think? 

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