Sunday, 7 April 2013


 Fur jacket from Camberwell Markets $20
Rotweiler Tee from withovekirsten $25
Skirt Dotti $59
Sandals Sportsgirl
Bracelets Sportsgirl $30

Photography: Judy Reinboth

Two words: Vintage. Fur. An amazing find from Camberwell Markets but there is a embarrassing secret to tell about this purchase. I had a bit of a shopping cat fight experience buying it and truth is, she saw it first!! I had a strong advantage, I new the person who was selling it. My competitor picked it up from the racks and asked; "How much is this?"My eyes lit up when I heard the price. But my competitor hesitated (only for a moment!) and continued looking through the racks. I saw my opportunity and went for it! So I grabbed it from the rack and went straight to pay. The lady slowly realised what I had done and snapped; "I was going to buy that". I really didn't know what to say, embarrassed by my behaviour, so I just vaguely mumbled "oh sorry but um I know her" pointing to my friend selling the clothes at the stall. Thankfully she accepted defeat (with a death stare attached). It was a pretty hilarious situation made all the funnier with my sister being my side kick bad influencer during the whole process. So I have to admit I'm a shopaholic. This trait of mine where I get an overwhelming urge that I MUST have it is what really seals the diagnosis. But hey thats a whole part of the experience. The thrill, the rush and the wins. So it can get ugly and awkward, but for vintage fur, it's totally worth it :)

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