Tuesday, 28 May 2013


With Love Kirsten Boutique tee $15
Sample denim vest $10
Mossman crocodile patent skirt $50
Kmart studded pumps $12
Mimco bracelet (Thank you Jess and Megs xxx)

Photography: Erin Reinboth

The 90s are back. My Mum had a vest just like this and it had embroided roses on the back- I must find it! What I can say is that I am officially starting to feel old. I have hit the age when eras and looks I've seen and known before, are back! Mildly scary yes, but I prefer to look at the positives.....Doing it for the second time I feel a bit wiser with my style. The skirt was a fabulous find from Mossman, they had a crazy sale on to make way for new stock, so the skirt was half price. Ridiculous considering the Winston and Wolfe version is about a 1000 times the price tag. I love it becase its taking the leather look trend one step further with its croc skin details, patent finish and asymmetrical hem. Also a shout out to my fabulous sister for taking these pics and to my beautiful girls Jess and Megs who gave me the Mimco bracelet. Wouldn't have a blog post without you three ladies :)

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  1. Love this whole look so much ! You have amazing style x