Monday, 15 April 2013


Jay Jays jeans $39
Kirstenwithlove cross bracelet and necklace $15
Dotti heels $59

Photographer: Josie Withers

What are your thoughts on the camo trend? Well I've had a crack at it. Definitely think the key is to keep it simple, put the strong print back with blacks or neutrals. A pair of pointed pumps always help class things up. Another trend I've tried is the reflector sunnies, a bit of fun to edge up an outfit. Both items cheap and cheerful, easy ways to get in on the trends. On the flip side, I do believe there are items worth investing in. This winter a good leather jacket is essential. So be sure to check out Jennifer Kate for amazing leather and furs. Rug up before the ice weather rolls in. Cheapies vs investments pieces, its not a battle but a happy harmony :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013


 Fur jacket from Camberwell Markets $20
Rotweiler Tee from withovekirsten $25
Skirt Dotti $59
Sandals Sportsgirl
Bracelets Sportsgirl $30

Photography: Judy Reinboth

Two words: Vintage. Fur. An amazing find from Camberwell Markets but there is a embarrassing secret to tell about this purchase. I had a bit of a shopping cat fight experience buying it and truth is, she saw it first!! I had a strong advantage, I new the person who was selling it. My competitor picked it up from the racks and asked; "How much is this?"My eyes lit up when I heard the price. But my competitor hesitated (only for a moment!) and continued looking through the racks. I saw my opportunity and went for it! So I grabbed it from the rack and went straight to pay. The lady slowly realised what I had done and snapped; "I was going to buy that". I really didn't know what to say, embarrassed by my behaviour, so I just vaguely mumbled "oh sorry but um I know her" pointing to my friend selling the clothes at the stall. Thankfully she accepted defeat (with a death stare attached). It was a pretty hilarious situation made all the funnier with my sister being my side kick bad influencer during the whole process. So I have to admit I'm a shopaholic. This trait of mine where I get an overwhelming urge that I MUST have it is what really seals the diagnosis. But hey thats a whole part of the experience. The thrill, the rush and the wins. So it can get ugly and awkward, but for vintage fur, it's totally worth it :)