Monday, 3 December 2012


Handmade flower wreath by Erin Reinboth
Madison Square top $49
Portmans lace skirt $99
Rubi heels $49

Photography: Josie Withers

I've been stalking the flower wreaths lately. First I saw on the very cute blog K is for Kani, she is the original at hand made wreaths and sells them on her Etsy online store. Considering how beautiful they are her prices are reasonable at approx $70. But now the same look is available for purchase from my old faithful fav online shop Sabo Skirt at a low $28. But how did I find better than that? How about free! And I must give the cred to my creative sister who was in desperate need for a headpiece for the races and came up with this! Give her a glue gun plus some artificial roses from my dads wholesale bussiness and wollah! Yes random, my dad sells fake flowers but its pretty handy now hey?! Get your craft on I say or otherwise my sister may have a good little business on her hands! Warning, the look is 100% girly but theres something so nice about the natural femininity and I love the garden child feel. It is the perfect look in the summer season for long days out 'one with nature'. I maximised the lady-like look of the head piece by teaming it back with a off the shoulder cut on top and lace detail down low. I would also rock the head piece with a festival feel by adding some slashed denim shorts and a floral cami. That's Falls Festival outfit sorted....if only I had a ticket now!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Rubi hat $2
Zara bomber jacket $69
PU shorts $29
Rubi shoes $49
Vintage Prada bag

Photographry: Josie Withers

So a little bit obsessed with Zara at the mo...It has just opened literally around the corner from our centre management office at work so I have to walk passed it every day. It's especially hard of the 'Z days', for all off you non die hard Zara fans, Z days are the days new stock drops into store. Which is twice a week, so not so good for the funds department! Anyway, thought this jacket was a bit of fun, light weight throw over for summer and awesome electric print. Feeling a bit ballsy with the leather cap teamed back with it. I'm still getting use to the cap look I must admit. But one of things I love about styling these days is taking risks and not being as safe. So much more rewarding when you get it right....So what do you think? 

Monday, 12 November 2012


Hat $27
Dress $55
Clutch $39
Shoes $20

Photography: Josie Withers

Best Derby Day races to date! Perfect weather and I had the perfect crew. Fashion wise, I was pretty amazed by the outfits I saw on the day, such creativity when there was just a colour palette of black and white available....Apart from the show off who chose to wear bright colours ;) There was a bit of a peplum white dress overload on the day, which didn't build my confidence about my outfit specialness....But hey I bet none of the others found their dress for 50 bucks! The big hat was my point of difference too - it did get a bit awkward when doing the whole hello hug-kiss to peeps and I may have knocked out a few people on the d-floor later, but the hat did gave the outfit a classiness which can be needed when wearing bodycon. Was a day of a day of champagne, silly photos and bad bets. A shout out to my fabulous friends who made the day so much fun....Cant believe its another spring races season over! Lucky the silly season is just around the corner!

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Valleygirl shirt $14
SpicySugar skirt $29
Diva necklace $19
Rubi clutch $29
Topshop shoes $99

Photography: Liz McLeish of Smith Street

It's legs out weather again! Its time for the pins to get tanned up, freshly shaven (if you're lucky) and out on show. Best way to rock it, its all about the mini skirt. This ones not too fitted so keeps a bit of dignity about it and I think teaming it back with a shirt classes it up little too. The higher the heels the better, these babies are amazing and a very transeasonal pair too. I thought I better try to calm down the big loud colours in the outfit, to avoid looking like a hi-vis vest tradie on the road, so I teamed black accessories with these neon colours. So I am skirted up ready for all things summer and maybe avoiding bending over ;)

Monday, 15 October 2012


Dotti leather peplum top $59
i.d.s leopard pants $44
Dotti clutch $35
Bali cuff $15
Dotti necklace $19
Rubi sample pump heels $5

Photography: Josie Withers

Statement on a budget. How amazeballs are these pants? Love how the animal print is enlarged on the sides it gives a real 3D feel to the print. You wouldn't expect this point of detail on pair under $50. This leather look peplum is a staple for me this summer. The leather look edges up any outfit and you've heard me rave on about the smartness of the peplum shape already. Not sure how boy friendly this outfit is though...feeling a little like the man repeller. But hey we dress for chicks not the pricks dont we ladies! So to the dude I passed on the way to this shoot with the smart arse comment, thanks for giving me the title for this post!

Monday, 1 October 2012


Bec & Bridge jade singlet and floral trousers

Photography: Liz McLeish

Second look from the new works with Street Smith! We shot Bec & Bridge this time. Amazing high-end Aussie brand with a realistic price tag too. They have a great rep and are known for their amazing little dresses, perfect for statement night outs. This outfit is all about the floral pants. A absolute staple look this year. I hope all you Devil Wears Prada fans can pick the quote title! Haha the icey cold Miranda has wise words sometimes but I dont think any of the designers listened to her this season. Oh wait, im talking about a movie character, im sure Ms Wintour is partial to a floral! I know I am :)

Monday, 24 September 2012


Josh Goot vest, Mania Mania jewellery, Karen Walker eyewear and Zara heels.
Photography: Liz McLeish from Street Smith blog

Good things come from new adventures, say hello to a new collaboration between My Little Secret and Street Smith. This amazing opportunity has opened me to an array of new options for blogging. A side project in which budgets don't exist and price tags are ignored, simply style and design can prevail. God it felt good to be top to toe in designer labels and in Josh Goot to say the least, words don't describe the feeling. He has really ruled the playground this season, with signature abstract floral prints and a untouchable cult following. So to be actually dressed in the flesh in these garments, instead of just gazing at them through the glass windows of a high-end boutique or on the pages of a glossy Vogue, was a unforgettable experience. Dont worry my price-pointed roots wont be going anywhere (rent and bills wont let that happen either), but Im looking forward to a new concept in which I wont be as restricted and can explore this creative designer world. Simply ecstatic that Liz McLeish from Street Smith invited me to work on this new chapter and I hope you can enjoy another side of My Little Secret too.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012



Vintage chambray shirt $10
Dotti tee $19
Minkpink pants $30
Rubi boots $49
Sportsgirl jewellery $25

Photography: Josie Withers

My new weekend fav at the moment, just a simple pair of jeans. Not sure if its due to the more corporate attire I have to wear during the week now but im really enjoying keeping it at bit more casual on my days off. In the effort of not feeling too old or like a daggy mum, Id like to think the denim attire has to have some sort of fashion focus, whether its coloured denim, acid wash, or a snakeskin print like these babies. I've worn the snakey's back with a basic chambray shirt, these are huge this summer, nearly every retailer has done a version so plenty of well priced options available. Super easy, light-weight throw over for summer and they go back perfectly with the big pastel and floral trends this season. So squeeze into some skinnys and throw on a shirt. Keep it simple is what they say, why not do it the Ashas Little Secret way!