Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Josh Goot dress, ZARA heels, Karen Walker EyewearJolie & Deen necklace and bracelet and 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch. 

Photographer: Liz Mcleish of Street Smith

Another dream wardrobe shoot with Street Smith. How ridiculously amazing is this Josh Goot number. The mirror image print is the perfect statement and the fit has an ultra modern tulip shape creating a fresh silhouette. As the weather warms up, dresses are on my agenda and with races around the corner I've got my eye on a few. Loving structured clean shapes, bold prints and lace detail....And now just have to make it till pay day.....Heres to canned tuna for the rest of the week!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


With Love Kirsten Boutique tee $15
Sample denim vest $10
Mossman crocodile patent skirt $50
Kmart studded pumps $12
Mimco bracelet (Thank you Jess and Megs xxx)

Photography: Erin Reinboth

The 90s are back. My Mum had a vest just like this and it had embroided roses on the back- I must find it! What I can say is that I am officially starting to feel old. I have hit the age when eras and looks I've seen and known before, are back! Mildly scary yes, but I prefer to look at the positives.....Doing it for the second time I feel a bit wiser with my style. The skirt was a fabulous find from Mossman, they had a crazy sale on to make way for new stock, so the skirt was half price. Ridiculous considering the Winston and Wolfe version is about a 1000 times the price tag. I love it becase its taking the leather look trend one step further with its croc skin details, patent finish and asymmetrical hem. Also a shout out to my fabulous sister for taking these pics and to my beautiful girls Jess and Megs who gave me the Mimco bracelet. Wouldn't have a blog post without you three ladies :)

Monday, 20 May 2013


Sportsgirl top $69
Sample peplum skirt $20
Siren heels $50
Vintage necklace
Sportsgirl ID necklace $15
Karen Walker eyewear

Photography: Street Smith

This week I take a look at electric blues and leather peplum hems. So I have already raved on about peplum tops in previous posts but the raving continues with a new found love, the peplum skirt. The drop waist of peplum skirts is flattering, fun and flirty. So triple the love in my eyes and very much trending in the shops. I teamed the skirt back with a effortless shirt from Sportsgirl. The colour does all the talking and the shape slinks so easily. Shoes were a great find too, the peep toe boot has been big this season so glad I found a similar pair with a small price attached. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Dotti shirt $49
Sample tank $10
Hello Parry split skirt $55
Kmart boots $35

Photography: Erin Reinboth

POP!! Now that I have your attention. The top sure stood out to me. I love the pop-art feel to it which goes back so nicely with street style at the moment. Featuring 3 trends that I love this week, waist wrapped checkered shirts, stud booties and the side split skirt. A big shout out to Kmart for their bang on trend product at the moment. Seriously have some great bargain finds and not to mention their new TV ad has me and my flatmates singing that song for hours.....Slightly annoying now but a guess thats proof of a successful campaign. Maybe I need a theme song?! Haha jokes, well that's all from me, 'popping' off for the night! :)

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Sportsgirl beanie $29
Glassons coat $100
Sample jeans
Verali stiletos $40
Dallos + Carlos necklace
Karen Walker eyewear

Photography: Judy Reinboth

A hobo inspired winter look. Hopefully I don't look like I belong on the curb of the road however. Favourite and key piece in this outfit has to be the jeans. I have been loving this ripped boyfriend jean look on my inspo fashion icons. So Im glad my sis stumbled upon a free pair from her work and that sure enough they ended in my closet (thanks sissy!). I find with the more daring trends, when you are just not too sure if you can pull off, a pair of heels is always a confidence booster. And in this case, takes the outfit from trash to trending. This coat is also a winter staple, classic for everyday wear but stylish with its leather collar detail. Glassons are killing it this season, affordable on trend styles plus you get 20% off when you sign up to their database. Triple secret love. 

Monday, 15 April 2013


Jay Jays jeans $39
Kirstenwithlove cross bracelet and necklace $15
Dotti heels $59

Photographer: Josie Withers

What are your thoughts on the camo trend? Well I've had a crack at it. Definitely think the key is to keep it simple, put the strong print back with blacks or neutrals. A pair of pointed pumps always help class things up. Another trend I've tried is the reflector sunnies, a bit of fun to edge up an outfit. Both items cheap and cheerful, easy ways to get in on the trends. On the flip side, I do believe there are items worth investing in. This winter a good leather jacket is essential. So be sure to check out Jennifer Kate for amazing leather and furs. Rug up before the ice weather rolls in. Cheapies vs investments pieces, its not a battle but a happy harmony :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013


 Fur jacket from Camberwell Markets $20
Rotweiler Tee from withovekirsten $25
Skirt Dotti $59
Sandals Sportsgirl
Bracelets Sportsgirl $30

Photography: Judy Reinboth

Two words: Vintage. Fur. An amazing find from Camberwell Markets but there is a embarrassing secret to tell about this purchase. I had a bit of a shopping cat fight experience buying it and truth is, she saw it first!! I had a strong advantage, I new the person who was selling it. My competitor picked it up from the racks and asked; "How much is this?"My eyes lit up when I heard the price. But my competitor hesitated (only for a moment!) and continued looking through the racks. I saw my opportunity and went for it! So I grabbed it from the rack and went straight to pay. The lady slowly realised what I had done and snapped; "I was going to buy that". I really didn't know what to say, embarrassed by my behaviour, so I just vaguely mumbled "oh sorry but um I know her" pointing to my friend selling the clothes at the stall. Thankfully she accepted defeat (with a death stare attached). It was a pretty hilarious situation made all the funnier with my sister being my side kick bad influencer during the whole process. So I have to admit I'm a shopaholic. This trait of mine where I get an overwhelming urge that I MUST have it is what really seals the diagnosis. But hey thats a whole part of the experience. The thrill, the rush and the wins. So it can get ugly and awkward, but for vintage fur, it's totally worth it :)

Monday, 25 March 2013


L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival....What a week! 6am starts and 10pm finishes, mad rush outfit changes and naked male models - last week had it all!

With my work for Westfield Doncaster, who are a major partner of LMFF, I had a behind the scenes and front row experience at this years Fashion Festival. Westfield Doncaster launched AW13 with a killer campaign partnering with fashion hero, Candice Lake. In case you need a quick fill in, Candice Lake is an ex model turned photographer/blogger. She works with the big international guys including vogue. Basically she is a major Australian fashion export. On behalf of Westfield Doncaster she photographed a street-style fashion shoot of 10 key style influencers. With the likes of Rebecca Judd, Sam Harris and blogger Jess Dempsey it was a star studded affair. And geez can she shoot, she really captures the energy of each individual. You can check out the pics on the website or at the fabulous exhibition in centre at Westfield Doncaster. The second part of Candice's work with Westfield was the creation of the video Fashion Lust. You can check it below. The video was styled by Christine Centenera and launched on Vogue.com. Okay promise I'm done with the name dropping now but I hope I have convinced you of how good this campaign is! It was so unconventional and edgy for a shopping centre and I was very privileged to be involved. It was amazing seeing it all unfold from the fashion shoot on on the streets of Melbourne to the media snapping launch at LMFF. Highlight was definitely getting some 1-2-1 time while Candice was shooting, tres inspirational yet so grounded at the same time. Second best would have to be the Westfield hunks, haha the picture says it all. Hope you enjoy the look on the inside. LMFF outfits to be posted soon!

Photos: Candice Lake, Lisa Freeling, Ashleigh Reinboth and Westfield Doncaster

Monday, 4 March 2013

3 IN 1

Dotti jacket $69
Maxim shorts $29
Sportsgirl sandals $59
Dallos + Karlos necklace 

Photography: Street Smith

Jam packed this post with 3 new season trends in 1 outfit. Khaki, camo and leather sleeves. These looks are big at the moment, I'm sure you've seen them in all the shop front windows displays. They all work together well with that military street style theme. In lurveee with this jacket, I've been a bit sad that I haven't been able to wear it with all this hot weather! Thankgfully the shorts have made it summer friendly. I know not everyone is a fan of the camo but Im a fan if it's done right. I say the key is to keep it simple, to avoid any tacky try hard potential. Cant go wrong with teaming it back with blacks. So I say have fun with the trends of the season especially when you don't spend a fortune on the look!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Camberwell markets playsuit $8
Minkpink sunnies $39
Landes belt $19
Sportsgirl bag $39
Sportsgirl sandals $79
Diva ring $14
Portmans hat $29

Photography: Judy Reinboth

Keeping it in the family with this post, photo's shot by my very own mumma and a brand new blog banner thanks to my talented sister. Very lucky to have these two ladies help. Last weekend, mum came over from Adelaide to celebrate her birthday with myself and my sister. It was a great girls weekend -full of food, wine, nail salons and of course...Shopping! We checked out shopping centres, vintage markets and the city. The weather stayed beautiful for her stay. That, coupled with this fun little playsuit I snapped up from Camberwell markets, we couldn't resist doing a little shoot. Pretty stoked to have a mum who can get behind a camera and it was quite easy to work together. (Don't laugh mum when your reading this!) But besides having a couple of "muuuuuum" whines from me and the few tight lipped looks on her end, I think we did alright? And besides that the great thing about family, the honesty you share with each other. So thanks for putting up with me mum, I love you and hope you  had a very happy birthday xxx