Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Gold zipper blazer $55
Portmans lime blouse $49
Neon tweed skirt $20
Rubi heels $20
Neon green necklace $20

Photography: Josie Withers

So if I was asked how I started my week, I definitely didn't think I'd be saying, standing in the freezing cold, in a mini skirt, in Southbank, dangerously close to my ex's place...but here I am! Haha and I think it was worth the risk and it may have paid off to do something different. I am stoked with these pics! Big love and thanks to my amazing photographer Josie for joining me in the battle against Mondayitis. It's all about the neons with this outfit, loooove this neon woven skirt which was a steal from my trusty sale shop on Bridge Rd named FE194. Always find a gem in there. Jacket was a win too, very handy with a work and play feel to it. So even though I was ready to hit the town in my party get-up on a Monday night, at least come Friday I won't be sitting on the end of my bed crying "I have nothing to wear!"

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Dotti shirt $30
Maxim jeans $39
Typo bag $39
Rubi shoes $19
Zoie Online Jewellery $30
Colour bug by Kevin Murphy $25

Photography: Josie Withers

Whoaa hello to pink hair! Thanks to a hot tip from a girl friend, I got onto this new hair product. Such a fun idea, its hair chalk that you can rub in just for the day or night. Dramatic effect for not that much effort or coin! Hate to say it, but blondes would have more fun with this product too. My dark hair is stubborn when it comes to colour changes so glad it worked. A shout out to Zoie Online for the amazing jewelry, this online boutique has better customer service than most street shops and a great array of high-end brands. Check it out!

Monday, 13 August 2012


Maxim lemon dress $29
Portmans mint belt $10
Sportsgirl clutch $25
Sportsgirl ring $15
Indy C heels $49
Photographer: Josie Withers

So it’s colour central in the stores at the moment?! First it started with florals then we saw neons and now I’ve got my eye on to pastels. Nearly every retailer I can think of are doing coloured jeans, it’s everywhere – you literally cannot miss it. It does feel like the stores are getting a little ahead of themselves…although I loved this lemon sorbet dress when I saw it, to be honest I haven’t done the ‘arms and legs’ out combo in over three months! It’s just too damn cold in Melbs, but apparently it hasn’t stopped me or others shopping for the summer brights. Country Road skipped their transeasonal collection and launched straight into colourful collection, which saw amazing sell-through. Also on a motivational note, after an hour of trying to ‘suck it in’ for this shoot I realized how not ready I am for bikini season! So my retail therapy is also my get fit therapy – that’s justifies it right?!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Target stripe top $12
Vintage skirt $10
Rubi pumps $39
Sportsgirl bag $89

Photography: Josie Withers

Got my sailor on this week. Stripes are such a easy look and you can always find a budget friendly option. The look is pretty versatile too, they style back well with golds, reds and whites. My other fav in this post has to be the shoes. This steel capped look has been recently done by all the bigs guys - Tony Bianco, Wittner, Sole Society etc etc. But the always faithful Rubi shoes brought out a affordable version for me. Must admit im in a bit of pain wearing them at the mo -still breaking them in.....I may be walking around looking like someone has kicked me up the behind wearing one of them! Ah the pain of fashion but totally worth it.