Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Leather and Lace

A new city, a new wardrobe. Oh my Melbs is a dangerously good place. I've bunked in with my amazing sister in a unit in Richmond....a cheeky 2 minute walk and you hit Bridge road. A mecca of bargains and sale stores. It may not have the hype, frills or rep as Chapel and Bourke St mall, but if you let that narrow minded way of thinking stop you, you're going to miss out. I've had my eye out for a leather skirt/shorts for awhile now. But struggled to find one within my budget. Real leather ones were never going to happen but even the pleathers seemed to be over the $60 mark. Not on Bridge rd! This pleated skirt was only $19. The lace top was from American Apparel at a reasonable $50. Like a bikey wearing a tutu, leather with lace may sound like a bit of a juxtaposition. But it works. Teaming leather with girly fabrics seems to soften the possible harshness of the fabric. So snap up this leather look before the winter season thing is, it will most likely be on sale!

Photographer: Erin Reinboth

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