Monday, 14 May 2012


Arielle fur jacket $299
Supre blouse $29
Dotti leather look pants $39

Soooooo I may have to justify myself here....The fur jacket is not at my usual price point. But I did get is at wholesale price! RRP is $500 for this baby and they fly through the door. One of the many perks of working in the wholesale fashion world and meeting the peeps ive met. This coat is AMAZE. Genuine real rabbit fur, (yes I know...A ex-veterinarian wearing fur?! Think its clear what I love more!) It is so soft and just moulds to the body. I will have this for years, a life long investment I say....nothing compares to the real deal ;)

Photographer: Erin Reinboth

Arielle fur coats, vest and scarf are stocked at Bird of Prey in Richmond and Doncaster, VIC.

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