Monday, 24 September 2012


Josh Goot vest, Mania Mania jewellery, Karen Walker eyewear and Zara heels.
Photography: Liz McLeish from Street Smith blog

Good things come from new adventures, say hello to a new collaboration between My Little Secret and Street Smith. This amazing opportunity has opened me to an array of new options for blogging. A side project in which budgets don't exist and price tags are ignored, simply style and design can prevail. God it felt good to be top to toe in designer labels and in Josh Goot to say the least, words don't describe the feeling. He has really ruled the playground this season, with signature abstract floral prints and a untouchable cult following. So to be actually dressed in the flesh in these garments, instead of just gazing at them through the glass windows of a high-end boutique or on the pages of a glossy Vogue, was a unforgettable experience. Dont worry my price-pointed roots wont be going anywhere (rent and bills wont let that happen either), but Im looking forward to a new concept in which I wont be as restricted and can explore this creative designer world. Simply ecstatic that Liz McLeish from Street Smith invited me to work on this new chapter and I hope you can enjoy another side of My Little Secret too.

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  1. This look is amazing! I'm so obsessed with the vest!