Monday, 15 October 2012


Dotti leather peplum top $59
i.d.s leopard pants $44
Dotti clutch $35
Bali cuff $15
Dotti necklace $19
Rubi sample pump heels $5

Photography: Josie Withers

Statement on a budget. How amazeballs are these pants? Love how the animal print is enlarged on the sides it gives a real 3D feel to the print. You wouldn't expect this point of detail on pair under $50. This leather look peplum is a staple for me this summer. The leather look edges up any outfit and you've heard me rave on about the smartness of the peplum shape already. Not sure how boy friendly this outfit is though...feeling a little like the man repeller. But hey we dress for chicks not the pricks dont we ladies! So to the dude I passed on the way to this shoot with the smart arse comment, thanks for giving me the title for this post!

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