Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Rubi hat $2
Zara bomber jacket $69
PU shorts $29
Rubi shoes $49
Vintage Prada bag

Photographry: Josie Withers

So a little bit obsessed with Zara at the mo...It has just opened literally around the corner from our centre management office at work so I have to walk passed it every day. It's especially hard of the 'Z days', for all off you non die hard Zara fans, Z days are the days new stock drops into store. Which is twice a week, so not so good for the funds department! Anyway, thought this jacket was a bit of fun, light weight throw over for summer and awesome electric print. Feeling a bit ballsy with the leather cap teamed back with it. I'm still getting use to the cap look I must admit. But one of things I love about styling these days is taking risks and not being as safe. So much more rewarding when you get it right....So what do you think? 

Monday, 12 November 2012


Hat $27
Dress $55
Clutch $39
Shoes $20

Photography: Josie Withers

Best Derby Day races to date! Perfect weather and I had the perfect crew. Fashion wise, I was pretty amazed by the outfits I saw on the day, such creativity when there was just a colour palette of black and white available....Apart from the show off who chose to wear bright colours ;) There was a bit of a peplum white dress overload on the day, which didn't build my confidence about my outfit specialness....But hey I bet none of the others found their dress for 50 bucks! The big hat was my point of difference too - it did get a bit awkward when doing the whole hello hug-kiss to peeps and I may have knocked out a few people on the d-floor later, but the hat did gave the outfit a classiness which can be needed when wearing bodycon. Was a day of a day of champagne, silly photos and bad bets. A shout out to my fabulous friends who made the day so much fun....Cant believe its another spring races season over! Lucky the silly season is just around the corner!