Monday, 14 January 2013


Arabella Ramsey leather jacket 
Supre crop top $12
Staple the label saturn pants $30
Verali strap stilettos $40
Dotti spike bag $29
Hermes inspired cuff $15
Karen Walker inspired sunglasses $19

Photographer: Josie Withers

Happy New Year and all that Jazz! It has been a little while between posts and I've missed it that's for sure. The craziness of working for a shopping centre over Christmas may have got the better of me. But I'm back, with plenty of new wardrobe bargains to share! This outfit post is all about the statement print pant - these were a great find at my local bargain store on Bridge Rd. Yes they are a bit of a tricky trend especially this particular pair with the super galactic print and the high waisted shape  -how too pull it off? So I attempted to calm down the 'Harry High Pants' factor by styling the pants back with a crop top. Although the idea of showing my middrift makes me cringe, the peak of skin does seem to help elongate the bod. So I'm just going with the idea that I won't need to breathe or sit whenever I'm wearing them - practical hey?! Well that's fashion :)

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